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Do whatever you need to do.

During this time, we will transform your home into an individual oasis of well-being that suits you.

1 Contact person for the entire housing realization!
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Your home is a place that gives you strength....
... that fits your lifestyle, your personality and your goals.
Stylish. Harmonious. Exclusive. With pleasure also extravagant and luxurious.
But what are the reasons why numerous homeowners do not enjoy a "wish-less-happy" residential oasis even after years?
  • There are far too many service providers involved who do not coordinate optimally with each other, such as architects, property developers, trades, interior designers and/or interior decorators, etc.
  • There is a lack of time and leisure, the know-how or the right contacts to take control, planning and coordination into one's own hands.
  • The color and material concept, the suitable proportions, special wishes, special productions etc. must be planned and procured at great expense.
  • There is no authority that is on site at all times and keeps an eagle eye on design and process.
A stylish home is just more than the sum of its parts. Rather, it is an overall artistic composition that is 100% adapted to your lifestyle, your sense of aesthetics and your understanding of comfort.
What is needed, therefore, is an all-round, worry-free service provider who offers holistic planning, consulting and realization, and who - like an eagle - has an overview of everything that is going on at all times.

And this is where we come in...

As the exclusive provider in Switzerland, we take on the full and holistic realization of your new living oasis from a single source.

  • Analyze your status quo and record your wishes, preferences and goals.
  • Advise you on implementation and provide inspiration and solutions.
  • Plan your individual living project in a highly professional manner.
  • Visualize your future living oasis in detail.
  • Produce individual interior fittings in our manufactory.
  • Realize your concept with our in-house construction management.
  • Supervise the entire construction process for a smooth workflow.
You do whatever you have to do, while we make your living (t)räumen come true on schedule.

Make your living dreams come true now and request a free consultation!

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Our philosophy continues...

andre roesh beratung
... because we enable you to enjoy a maximally comfortable process from the first meeting to the handover of the keys to your "new" home.

Instead of confronting you with countless questions, we proceed cautiously. Thus, there are no fixed questionnaires or pre-printed agreements, because we fully engage with you and your needs and act accordingly.

We ask questions about implementation at strategically prudent times - without pressure, without pressure to move.

All our processes are optimized for your highest possible comfort.

The advantages of our all-round carefree service at a glance:

  • Only one contact for the holistic and total redesign of your home.
  • Planning and design with renowned, international labels for your "new" home.
  • Individual interior fittings by our in-house manufacture.
  • Inspiration to see and feel in our approx. 1000m2 showroom in the loft
  • from the project study with the rough cost budget to the detailed planning with a detailed cost plan, before the changes of your new living oasis start
  • binding construction plan with key handover on schedule
  • For you, we create the basis for personal decision-making authority and take responsibility with you for the successful completion of your project.
  • Sit back during the entire process and fly away on vacation or go about your private and professional duties. When you return, your home will be ready for you to move in.
  • In every aspect of the implementation, the essences of masculine and feminine aspects flow - for the greatest possible balance and harmony of your new living oasis.
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The way to your individual interior design

Step 1

Initial consultation and getting to know
in our showroom (free of charge)

In a first conversation on the phone we learn about your project and your ideas. Then we invite you to a personal meeting in our showroom, where you can be inspired by our contingent of sample rooms, materials, colors, interior finishes, furniture and design on an area of almost 1000m2.

In our professional meeting room we will discuss your wishes, so that we are already one step closer to your feel-good living spaces. If you wish, the meeting can also take place online.
We visit you to get a picture of the current conditions and the desired changes to your project. Afterwards we will make a needs analysis, from which our concrete offer will follow.
detailierte bedarfsanalyse
Step 2

Detailed needs analysis at your site

Step 3

Project study

You have accepted the offer. Based on your ideas, we develop a project study. In doing so, we present you with our proposed solutions as well as a rough cost estimate and a construction plan.

Now we have jointly created your personal decision-making authority to take the right steps forward from this point on.
In this step, the detailed planning of the interior design, the interior fittings and interior furnishings flow into your project: always based on your wishes, needs and ideas. Even before you take over your turnkey property, our visualizations show you how you will live in the future.

Addendum: If you like, you are welcome to participate in the planning in the form of a workshop.
Step 4

Detailed planning

Step 5


Now it's time to implement your project based on the detailed plans. Our in-house project manager supervises your project on a daily basis, which is realized with our own installation team and external specialists such as electricians, painters and plasterers, sanitary plumbers, master builders, terrace or garden designers, etc. Step by step your dreams of living will come true until the handover of the keys.
What a pleasure - we may hand you the key! Behind the front door is hidden just a turn away your new living oasis, which we have carefully created with joy, enthusiasm, competence and commitment.

We will gladly continue to look after you and provide you with decorations, art and more.
Step 6

Handover of keys

Take the first step now towards your dream home
and contact us via the inquiry form.

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Here we have for you a few before and after pictures
from past projects...

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What our customers say about their new home
and about our all-round carefree service


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Using the contact form, you will be guided through a short interactive process in which we will ask you the most important questions about your housing needs.

This way you can communicate your basic ideas especially easily, while we can prepare for our first meeting.

At the end of the interactive contact form you will have the chance to request a first appointment by phone or contact us by e-mail.

We look forward to getting to know you.