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May we introduce ourselves? We are André and Irène Roesch-Zwyssig, founders and owners of the company Trendline AG interior design concepts, which has been working successfully in the field of interior design for more than twenty years, implementing customer wishes, realizing them precisely and redesigning them on request.

During this time, we have advised hundreds of customers and, in close cooperation with them, realized numerous new worlds of living in home & office. In the process, we were able to make many helpful experiences regarding wishes, needs, fears and expectations. This has helped us immensely to become what we are now: Supportive mentors who successfully bring together different ideas and wishes into a coherent whole.

Here it is now our great concern to pass on these experiences in order to enable as many people as possible to have the quality of life that corresponds to their well-being. In order to create feel-good spaces on this basis, which increase happiness and satisfaction, but are also inspiring, motivating, relaxing and protective.

Our experience has also shown that the reward for both parties is the enthusiasm and realization that living feeling can be increased and has an added value, in the truest sense of the word.

Because besides the fact that the emotional environment has a great influence on our lives, the material value is not uninteresting. For property owners, with the right planning and professional implementation, we create added value for their property in any case. Not only emotionally, but also monetarily.
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„In order for the possible to come into being,
the impossible must be attempted again and again.
Hermann Hesse

Our team

At our side is a competent team from different areas, which supports and complements us with expertise and passion. Our trendlineFamily is, just like us, convinced of our vision: The improvement of quality of life through the appropriate environment. Derived from this, our mission is to create and design living environments that are coherent, in which you feel comfortable and which inspire you to freely develop your potential. Our concern is to create spaces that are true "all-rounders": They can unleash productivity, give strength, inspire and motivate, but also provide peace, convey serenity, be a place of retreat and relaxation oasis.

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Joy of life is a choice
and a gift that you give yourself.
Hermann Hesse


With the best, most famous and international design labels, we always create new and surprising feel-good spaces. Here it is the high quality, the surprising design and the perfect functionality that inspire us in selected pieces. And whose symbiosis of beauty, design, material, color and form more than reflects our understanding of aesthetics.
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Our manufactory is at the same time our secret weapon: Here we create - manufactured in loving and detailed handwork - interior objects in symbiosis to the international brands. Be it as a supplement, to process them exactly fitting or to generate absolute uniqueness.

So you have the double advantage: International design furniture and interior design combined with unique Swiss craftsmanship. What more could you want?
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Realization partner

With our reliable partners we take care of the planning, realization and completion of your project until the final cleaning and handing over of the keys. Here we have access to all necessary and essential trades around your building project: Whether for home automation, painting and plastering, plumbing, electrical, flooring, window or glass work, all partners enjoy our complete trust and always work to our 100% satisfaction.

The entire project is in our hands, so you get everything from us "from a single source". Here we keep the overview and coordinate our partners. From whom we know at all times that we can fully rely on them, their expertise and their skills.
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