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Industrial style in an historic loft apartment.

Industrial style in an historic loft apartment. Located in a trendy neighborhood, this apartment exudes a unique industrial charm. The historic architectural elements have been skillfully integrated into a new style, giving the property an extraordinary appeal. The breathtaking ceiling height and the chosen materials create an indescribable symbiosis.
historische loftwohnung im industrial style
Historic architectural elements with finesse.
The apartment has a split-level layout, with the living area elevated by several steps and a slightly lower ceiling height. In combination with the historic architectural elements, this area exudes a special finesse and cozy atmosphere. A glass door from here leads to the loggia, and from there, to the terrace located directly by the river.
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The ceramic tiles in the living kitchen are crafted in the same design as the tiles in the master bathroom. Here, they are in a copper color, while in the master bathroom, they are in an off-white color.
The space by the staircase leading from the dining area to the living space, is optimized for storage with a perfect integrated cabinet.
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The space between the dining area and the master bedroom, including the master bathroom, is divided with wardrobes and an exclusive double door.
The wardrobes are used as room dividers in the master bedroom. The back-panels of the wardrobe on the left are visible in the living room.
The back of the wardrobe on the right separates the bedroom from the bathroom.

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Glass blocks have been used as a shower wall and as a partition between the master bathroom and the master bedroom. This material let the natural daylight into the room, but still gives a certain level of privacy. An electronically operated roller blind (not visible in this photo) provides full privacy between the bathroom and the bedroom.
The illuminated niche next to the toilet serves not only decorative purposes. It also provides storage space for toilet paper and decorations. The "ladder" serves as both, a towel holder, and a towel warmer.
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The expressive ceramic tiles give the guest bathroom an individual expression, matching the industrial style.
From the loggia, a staircase leads to the outdoor terrace, which is situated directly by the river. Which is still used for power generation.
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