About us

May we introduce ourselves? We are André and Irène Roesch-Zwyssig, founders and owners of Trendline AG interior design concepts. Our company has been working successfully in the field of interior design and architecture for the last 30 years, turning customer’s interior dreams into reality. During this time, we have advised hundreds of customers and, in close cooperation with them, implemented numerous new interior worlds of well-being for home and office. We have gathered much valuable experience in terms of our clients’ needs, fears and expectations. This has helped us immensely to become what we are now: supportive mentors who successfully bring together different ideas and requirements and turn it into a new homogenous whole. We would like to pass on these experiences to enable as many people as possible to attain their ideal quality of life. We have been creating feel-good interior spaces that increase joy for life and satisfaction, and also rooms that inspire, motivate, relax and protect. Our experience has also shown that the reward for both sides is enthusiasm and the knowledge that value has been added, in the truest sense of the word. Because, in addition to the fact that the emotional environment has a great influence on our lives, the physical environment should not be underestimated. For property owners, with the right planning and professional implementation, we always create added value for your property.






“You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible.”



Our expansion

In 2020 we strengthened the team in order to meet the steadily increasing demand for our services. From 2021 Christian Mehr will be part of our management team. With Mr Mehr – a certified architectural planner (Dipl. Technik HF) – we have brought an experienced expert on our board. With the same enthusiasm with which the company founders value the interests of our clients, Christian Mehr will work with passion every day to realize customer projects professionally and with the highest level of quality.


Out team

At our side is a team of specialists from different areas who support and complement us with an array of professional competencies. Our whole Trendline family is passionate about what we do, and convinced of our vision: improving quality of life through the adjustment of clients’ living environments. Derived from this, we have the mission to create and design living and residential environments that are harmonious, comfortable, and that inspire you to develop your full potential. It is our goal to create spaces that can unleash productivity, give strength, inspire and motivate, but also give peace and quiet, and be a retreat and relaxation oasis.

„Lebensfreude ist eine Entscheidung
und ein Geschenk,  dass du dir selbst machst.“



With the most well-known international labels we are constantly creating new and surprising feel-good spaces. Here it is the high quality, the surprising design and the perfect functionality that inspire us with selected pieces. The symbiosis of beauty, design, material, colour and shape underscores our understanding of aesthetics.

and further international top-labels


Our factory is our secret weapon. This is where interior pieces are created in harmony with furniture from international labels and handcrafted with loving care and attention to detail. Whether we are working on a bespoke extension or a completely unique design, the factory will be the at the heart of the creative process. This gives you the double advantage of international designer furniture and interior pieces combined with unique Swiss craftsmanship. What else do you need?


With our trusted partners, we oversee the planning, implementation and completion of your project through to the final cleaning and handover of the keys. Here we have access to all the necessary and essential trades related to your building project. Whether you are looking for home automation, painting and plastering work, plumbing, electrics, flooring, window or glass work, all partners enjoy our complete trust and always work with us until our client is entirely satisfied. The entire project is in our hands, so you get everything from one source – us. We keep our eyes on the big picture and coordinate with our partners. We know we can always fully count on their skills and reliability.