Swiss Quality Interior Design

The spinning mill in Neuägeri was built in 1846. Once upon a time, fine threads were produced there for tailoring of the highest quality. Now trendline is housed in this historic location. In our work as interior designers, we continue the spinning mill’s focus on quality. We create interior design and interior architecture solutions, tailor-made to fulfil your desires and needs. Our aim is to always increase your quality of life and your happiness in your home.

Your home is intimate and personal. It reflects you. Winston Churchill certainly wasn’t wrong when he said “We shape our homes and then our homes shape us”. We work with you to create rooms which reflect you and in which you truly feel at home – even away from your home country. Together with you, we want to create a space you truly love to spend time in.

Our Work as Interior Designers

Attempting to design, remodel or refurnish one’s home is a daunting task. Especially without knowing local tradesmen or businesses. At trendline, we have over 25 years of experience doing exactly this and a network of reliable people that will make your vision reality – be that for new builds, conversions or stylistic changes in the home.


At trendline, we offer only holistic, complete consulting. No matter if just one specific object or a whole new set of furniture – our aim always is to increase your quality of life. We will meet with you 365 days a year to discuss how we can make your home perfect for you.


Our interior designers will develop your own myProjectstudy. This builds the basis for the whole conversion, along which we will accompany you all the way. We offer you a complete conversion package, organising all the aspects of interior architecture and design, tradesmen, and furnishings.

Our work is aided by the trendline DesignManufactory. Our in-house joinery creates tailor-made objects for your home. The DesignManufactory produces work only of the highest quality. This way, we can make your new home truly personal.

New Build

Through the construction process we work alongside the construction manager to make your new home as personal as possible. We follow the motto act, don’t react. The trendline team always stays a step ahead. This way, we avoid falling behind schedule and are so able to make all decisions rationally and carefully.

Being involved all the way from planning until handover, we ensure your new home is intimately personal to you.

Our interior designers (co-founders) consult with you in our atelier. This way, we get an idea of how you imagine your future living space. Spontaneous guests are just as welcome as those that have booked an appointment.

After the dialogue in our atelier we visit you at home. In the case of a single piece, arranging it takes place on site. Is the job more extensive then we discuss it at the home and…

…subsequently develop, plan, and sketch. Our ambitious, experienced co-founder then presents our idea to you. Depending on the project there are further consultations. This way, you have an optimal basis to come up with your perfect home and to make the right decisions.

Get in touch with us now for your personal consultation.